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I am an architect and an archaeologist Fascinated by tieing between the two fields. Their connection led me to narrow my focus to 3D reconstructions of archaeological and heritage sites.
I am currently a Ph.D. student at Osnabrück University, Germany & Tel-Aviv University, reconstructing the temple at Tel Moza. "A holistic approach to 3D virtual analysis & 3D reconstruction model in archaeology: The Temple Complex in Tel Moẓa as a case study." 

Using our present scientific knowledge and modern technology, I can reach back in time and bring back to life what was lost long ago. We can more easily understand how ancient structures were designed and constructed, what tools and methods ancient builders used, and how they looked once finally completed.

I have been working on a variety of projects since 2010. Through cooperation with many universities, museums, national parks, and scholars, my work has allowed numerous individuals to see, without any need to imagine, Solomon’s Temple, Herod’s Palace in Jerusalem, the Church of the Glorious Martyr, and so much more.

Photo: David Moulis

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