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Dead Sea, Israel

Khirbet Mazin  

Project objectives

360°/ Animated VR/MR


Khirbet Mazin (a.k.a. Khirbet el Yahoud / Kidron Fortress) ) was an exceptional structure located in the Wadi Mazin, on the N.W shore of the Dead Sea. It was most likely built by the Hasmonean king Alexander Jannaeus who ruled over Judah between 103-67 BCE. The structure was multifunctional being used as a dry dock and slipway for boats sailing on the Dead Sea. The structure also encompassed a tower.


Israel Nature and Parks Authority

360°/VR Animated video


On site

smac - State Museum of Archeology Chemnitz. "Live on the Dead Sea" (September 2019 - March 2020)

Currently on display at the Museum in the Kaiserpfalz Paderborn.

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