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Tel Hazor, Israel

Orthostats Temple

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Museum of the Bible Washington, DC

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Hazor, The Head of All Those Kingdoms (Joshua 11:10), is the biggest and one of the most important archeological sites in Israel. The Orthostats Temple, which was most likely a sanctuary for the storm god Hadad, was first built during the late Middle Bronze period (1650-1550 BCE) and then went through a number of fazes and changes until its final destruction at the end of the Late Bronze period (late 13th century BCE). The temple is well-known, for its layout that very much resembles the one of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, which was constructed many years later. A pair of famous Lions of Hazor may have originally guarded the entrance to the Orthostats Temple


The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. 

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Israel Antiquities Authority

Museum of the Bible Washington, DC

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. 


Museum of the Bible Washington, DC. Permanent exhibition

(2017 - present).

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Permanent exhibition

(2019 - present)

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