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Tel Hazor, Israel

Orthostats Temple

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Museum of the Bible Washington, DC

Animated video


The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. 

Animated video

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Hazor, The Head of All Those Kingdoms (Joshua 11:10), is the biggest and one of the most important archeological sites in Israel. The Orthostats Temple, which was most likely a sanctuary for the storm god Hadad, was first built during the late Middle Bronze period (1650-1550 BCE) and then went through a number of fazes and changes until its final destruction at the end of the Late Bronze period (late 13th century BCE). The temple is well-known, for its layout that very much resembles the one of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, which was constructed many years later. A pair of famous Lions of Hazor may have originally guarded the entrance to the Orthostats Temple


Israel Antiquities Authority

Museum of the Bible Washington, DC

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. 


Museum of the Bible Washington, DC. Permanent exhibition

(2017 - present).

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Permanent exhibition

(2019 - present)

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